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French Second Language Meetings Letter - February 7, 2011       February 7, 2011   Dear Parent/Guardian:   This letter is to inform you that School District 16 will be holding two meetings outlining Education Program Options to support French Learning for the 2011-2012 school year.  At that time, ALL second language program options will be outlined: the Grade 3 French Immersion entry point, the Late Immersion program (Grade 6 entry) as well as the Pre-Intensive, Intensive and Post Intensive Programs. PLEASE NOTE: Immersion is an optional program. Children not registered in either immersion program will automatically be enrolled in the Pre, Intensive and Post Intensive programs.     Meetings will be held (a) on Tuesday, February 22th, at 6:30 p.m. at Dr. Losier Middle School for parents of children residing on both sides of the Miramichi and (b) on Wednesday, February 23th at 6:30, at Rexton Elementary School for parents in the Rexton/Harcourt/Elsipogtog areas. Both meetings will address all second language program options for Grade 3 (immersion or English Prime) and Grade 6 (Post Intensive or Late immersion). Administrators, teachers, the Superintendent and French Learning Specialists will be in attendance to answer any questions you may have. You are strongly encouraged to attend the Parent Information Meeting before making a decision. If you are unable to attend, a copy of the Department of Education brochure and video “Making the Choice” can be accessed on District 16’s web page.   PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for registering a child in either Grade 3 immersion or Grade 6 Late Immersion is Friday, March 4th. All forms must be received at District 16 Office, where they will be stamped and dated on a first come, first served basis. For parents unable to attend the meetings, immersion registration forms can be obtained at ALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS and at School District 16 Office. NOTE: Once a class has been filled at a school offering immersion, a waiting list will be created. A second class MAY OR MAY NOT be created depending on numbers.   If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Learning Specialist responsible for the program you wish to enquire about, as identified below.   Sincerely,       Lyne J. Montsion                                                                 Lise Bulger-Hickey Intensive French & Related Programs                            French Immersion Programs  School District 16                                                                School District 16                                               Tel: 778-5265                                                                      Tel: 778-6912         File french_immersion_letter_2011.docx Memo Feb 11, 2011
Cafeteria Menu For Weeks Of December 16-20 & January 7-10 Office spreadsheet icon christmas1.xls Memo Dec 10, 2013
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