Croft Heritage Fair

Posted: October 13, 2010

Parents are invited to visit our Heritage Fair tomorrow, Thursday, October 14th beginning at 9:15 a. m.  This fair will run until 1:50 p. m.  The sudents have been working on projects about our Miramichi heritage and would love to share what they have learned.   Thursday's Heritage Fair is for Croft students and family only and will exhibit all the displays of Friday's District Heritage Fair, except the Opening Ceremonies and the farm animal exhibit.  Parents are strongly encouraged to visit our fair on Thursday, as it will be very crowded on Friday, with an expected 800 visitors from other schools.   Special Note:  Parents are reminded that Croft students are asked to bring a brown-bagged lunch on Friday, as they will not be able to use the microwaves and the cafeteria will only be selling small items such as cookies, milk, etc.  Thank you for your cooperation.