Jump Rope For Heart Fund Raiser

Posted: May 11, 2012

          May 10-17 -   Fundraising campaign (all funds and completed envelopes are to be turned in no later than Friday, May 18th) May 18th  -  Jump Rope Day Schedule Kindergarten - 9:00 AM Grade 1        - 9:30 AM Grade 2        - 10:30 AM Grade 3        - 11:00 AM Grade 4        - 1:00 PM Grade 5        - 2:00 PM   All parents and family members are encouraged to join us on this day to skip, have fun and promote active living that leads to "healthier hearts".  Prizes will be awarded for the most enthusiastic parent/guardian skippers at each grade level.   My Heart Hero Badge - please send this back to our school as soon as possible so that we may include your badge on our display wall.