Homework for the week of March 8-12, 2010

Posted: March 8, 2010

1. lecture 15 minutes 2. Study multiplication and division, test on Friday.    Important events for the month of March: Our class has started to write pen pal letters to a 3/4 Immersion class in Riverview. They are very excited! I hope you all enjoyed your childs pyramids for their books reports! They are now working on a flower for their next book report. Please make sure you quiz your child with multiplications ans divisions every night as we have a test this Friday. we will start measurement next week. Grade 3- analog + digital clocks, tell and write time, count money, make change, read money, measure in millilitre, litres, grams, kilograms. Grade 4-Tell time-12 hour/24 hour clocks, estimate and measure area, record dates in various form. Please don't forget to write a note if you have any questions. Mlle Rousselle :)