English Class - April 11th - 15th

Posted: April 11, 2011

  English Homework This Week:     Monday complete a Venn Diagram, or compose two or three paragraphs, that compare and contrast life in the 1930'scompared with today. Students should refer to our novel for specific examples read Chapter XVI (16) "Where The Red Fern Grows" Tuesday complete Cursive handwriting page # 52 read for pleasure (15 minutes) complete comprehension questions from Where the Red Fern Grows Wednesday complete Cursive handwriting page # 53 read for pleasure (15 minutes) Thursday complete Cursive handwriting page # 54 read for pleasure (15 minutes) Writing Activity - students will be asked to complete their final copy, two or more paragraphs, about our class discussion on Easter ("What is Easter all about? Why do we have an "Easter Week-end"? How did the traddition of the Easter Bunny begin?, etc).