English Language Arts Jan. 17th - 21st

Posted: January 17, 2011

  This Week In Our Classroom:   Novel - Bridge to Teribithia - students will begin reading novel and completing comprehension questions. Cursive Writing - we will continue working through our cursive book as part of our homework exercises. Afghanistan Project - as mentioned previously, students will begin a differentiated project of their choice as a follow up to the the two novels we read (The Breadwinner and Parvanna's Journey). These projects could focus on Afghan Food, Afghan Clothing, Canada in Afghanistan, etc. Additional details for his project will be included with student's homework tomorrow. Write Traits - we will be focussing on the Conventions Trait with a particular emphasis on capitalization and punctuation. Afghanistan Presentations will begin on Thursday.   Homework This Week:   Monday - Bridge to Teribithia - Read Chapter 2               Cursive Writing p.19               Consider topics for Afghanistan Project and begin research   Tuesday - Bridge To Teribithia - Finish reading Chpt. 3                Cursive Writing p.20                Begin Afghanistan Project   Wednesday - Work on "Afghanistan Project"   Thursday - Work on Afghanistan Project if not finished.                 Cursive Writing p. 21 Afghanistan Project – Gr. 5 Aubry   Information for Students & Parents   This Differentiated Project is a follow up to the novels our class read prior to Christmas Break (The Breadwinner & Parvanna’s Journey).   It is called a “Differentiated Project” as it is intended to capitalize on the “different” strengths and interests of each child.   Following is a list of possible project topics students may choose from:   Afghan Food (ie. nan bread, rice dishes, etc.). This may or may not include actual food – this is up to the student & parent to decide) Afghan History and Geography The Canadian Military in Afghanistan Afghan Clothing (ie. burqa, shalwar kameez, etc.) Land Mines in Afghanistan War With Russia The Taliban The Islamic Religion Any other related topic approved by the teacher   The format for presenting your information can also vary. The final project presentation could take any one of the following formats:                                                                  i.      Power Point                                                              ii.      Poster Board Display                                                             iii.      Role Play and/or Skit                                                             iv.      Video Story                                                               v.      Food Preparation & Presentation                                                             vi.      Song/Dance                                                            vii.      Another format approved by the teacher   Although the actual project each child produces can be very different from one student to the next, most projects will follow these five steps:   1.   Research your topic Choose how you wish to present your information (format) Gather your information Piece your information together into a logical presentation Conduct an actual presentation of your material to the class     Afghanistan Project Grading System     Evidence of Research                                                  /25   Knowledge About Topic                                              /25   Written Materials/Final Product                                   /25   Presentation to Class                                                   /25        Total                /100