Grade 5 Aubry L.A.

Posted: April 5, 2010

1. Read every night for 15 minutes in novel of your choice. 2. Weekly Writing Assignment- Good Copies Due at end of Week:               Thurs, April 8 - 30-60 second commercial               Friday, April 16 - Editorial about cell Phone use at School.               Friday, April 23 - Report on Family History               Friday, April 30 - Proud to be Canadian Because...   Commercial - Hard Copy of Commercial to be handed in. Presentations will be made to class beginning on Wed, April 7th. Worth 10 marks.   Editorial - Will be started in class. Must take either pro or against arguement. Presentations will be made on Fri, April 16. Hard copy handed in. Worth 15 marks.   Report on Family History - Research on Family to be done at home. Find out interesting fact about family. 1-2 pages in length. Presented on Friday, April 23. hard copy must be handed in then. Worth 15 marks.   Proud to be Canadian Because - Speech format. Presentations will begin on Thurs, April 29. Hard Copy must be handed in on Friday, April 30. Worth 20 marks.