Sharing Time!

Posted: November 18, 2009

Every morning, each child gets a chance to share something with the teacher and their classmates. From time to time we will post the comments!  Wednesday, November 18, 2009 Mackenzie ate at a restaurant, Jenna saw Kaya at crosscountry running, Kaya saw Payton one time at Pizza Delight, Patrick watched 'Earth', Owen has a yummy cookie in his lunch bag, Kallie has chips in her lunch bag, Catherine's daddy is going to give her a tictac, Brody saw Alexis at Pizza Delight one time, Kelly brought stickers for everyone, Sophie has a majic key like Mrs. Wilson's, Alexis ate at Boston Pizza, Payton walked through the corn with her cousin, Karley watched Ruldolph, Troy is packing his things because he is moving, Ashley sang a song for us, Landon went to basketball with his brother, Tyra was sick yesterday and it was her brother's birthday, Jorja's Christmas tree was up when she got home.