Monday and Tuesday Activities

Posted: February 12, 2010

First, I would like to send a big thank you to all parents who sent in the delicious treats!!  The children loved everything!!   Monday Activities: 1. Austria (K/1B) and Denmark (KW) will be competing for medals in our first Olympic game; snowshoeing.  The game will begin at 9:00!!  It should be lot's of fun!! 2. Kindergarten and Grade one's day to skate on Croft Elementary's rink.  If your child wishes to participate in this activity, please send their skates and helmets to school. 3.  To help our Grade 5 students raise money for their class trip to Mt. Carleton, a popcorn machine has been placed in the school.  Every Monday, students in Kindergarten and Grade One will be able to purchase air popped popcorn at noon time.  If your child is interested in having popcorn, please send a dollar to school with your child.   Tuesday Activites: 1.  Austria and Denmark will be competing in a sock skiing game in the gymnasium. 2.  K/1B and 4S will be skating on the Croft Elementary Rink.  Please send your child's skates and helmet to school!