Sharing Time!

Posted: December 9, 2009

Today is Wednesday.  We had a fun week so far!  On Monday, we decorated a tree at the District Office.  Our ornaments were beautiful on the tree!  We even got candy canes on our way out!  Today, we painted paper plates to make gingerbread men .  We are going to finish them this afternoon.  We will decorate our door with them.  We are practicing very hard for our Christmas concert.  We can't wait to sing our song to you on Tuesday!  We learned some interesting facts about reindeer today!  We even worked on a reindeer book.  We will read this book to you soon! We have a new TA in our classroom.  Her name is Rhonda! She is very nice!    We are looking forward to eating our Christmas dinner today!  Mmmm....  Enjoy the snow tonight everyone and you never know.....we may be sleeping in tomorrow!!!!