Sharing Time!

Posted: November 23, 2009

Today is Monday.  Ava and Megan got their pictures taken with Santa yesterday.  Ava told Santa that she wanted a digital camera for Christmas.  Megan wants a Build-a-Bear.  Bailey and her family put up their Christmas decorations and tree.  Mrs. Lockerbie also put up her decorations and tree!  Maggie's cousin Rebecca slept over last night.  They had a makeover party.  They wore a blindfold and put makeup on each other. Maggie had lipstick on her nose!  What a sight!  Liam went to Owen's house for a visit yesterday.  They made a fort with a table and blankets.  The fort is guarded by 2 big Nutcrakers.  They ate Christmas cookies and chocolate chip cookies for a snack.  What a great afternoon!  Amber is moving to a new house next week!  Her house has a play room! Mathew saw a real army tank.  It was exciting!