Bass Fishing Derby - This Week

Posted: May 12, 2014

All students and parents at Croft are encouraged to get some exercise and have some fun during this year’s bass season on the Miramichi.  To this end, we are promoting an eleven day Bass Fishing Derby at our school. Details are as follows:                                     When?             May 9th-19th – After school hours, evenings and week-ends (parent’s discretion) Where?           Anywhere on the Miramichi River. However, we are designating two evenings (May 14th & 15th) for Croft Families to rendezvous at the Enclosure Campground (in front of Fisheries Building below the Nelson train bridge). Who?               All Croft students and their parents are encouraged to participate. Why?               Get some exercise, have some family fun, enjoy the outdoors, learn new skills and possibly win our grand prize (fishing gear – rod, reel, tackle and tackle box). How?               Parents will be responsible for organizing, transporting and supervising their children during all fishing excursions.                         Some fishing rods and gear are available as “loaners” from the school. To reserve equipment, please call Mr. Donovan @ 627-4080. Note:               For each fish hooked and landed by a student, parents will be asked to verify the catch (see attached tally sheet). Students will receive a ballot at the end of our eleven day fishing period for each bass hooked and landed. All ballots will go into the grand prize draw that will be held at lunch hour on Wed. May 21st. Cost?               There is no cost for students to participate. Also, there is no cost for a fishing license when fishing bass in tidal waters. Important: Please refer to the following website for complete details about the 2014 Bass Fishery:               Pictures?         Please email pics to for posting on our website. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know (627-4080). Mark Donovan Principal   “Croft Bass Derby Tally Sheet”                         May 9th - 19th   Student Name:_________________________ Date                # of bass hooked and landed                          Catch Verified By (Please Initial): May 9              ___________________                                  ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___________________________ May 10            ___________________                                  ___________________________ May 11            ___________________                                  ___________________________ May 12            ___________________                                  ___________________________ May 13            ___________________                                  ___________________________ May 14            ___________________                                  ___________________________ May 15            ___________________                                  ___________________________ May 16            ___________________                                  ___________________________ May 17            ___________________                                  ___________________________ May 18            ___________________                                  ___________________________ May 19            ___________________                                  ___________________________   Please submit this form to Mr. Donovan by Tuesday May 20th. Total # of ballots earned for “Grand Prize Draw” ____________________