Croft Rink News - January 2011

Posted: January 12, 2011

  The Croft Rink is now up and running - Hooray!!!      Tentative plans for using the rink is as follows:     1) P.E. Classes – Mr. Nastasiuk is presently setting up a skating schedule for all P.E. classes. This schedule will be distributed to parents by the end of the week and skating during gym classes will begin next week.   Homeroom teachers may also be scheduling special skating times with their classrooms.   As there is a fair amount of work involved with putting on skates, helmets, etc. parents are encouraged to join us during all skating times for your child’s class. Parents are also welcome to bring along their skates and join us on the ice.  Please read on...   2) Noon Hour Intramurals at the Rink – students in grades 2-5 will also have an opportunity to skate and/or play hockey at lunch. The following schedule will be followed for noon hour skating/hockey:   Mondays               Skating (Gr. 4/5)   Tuesdays              Skating (Gr. 2/3)   Wednesdays        Pond Hockey (Gr. 4/5)   Thursdays             Pond Hockey (Gr. 2/3)   Friday                    Skating (Gr. 4/5)   On days that students are scheduled for noon hour skating/hockey, they will be allowed to go to the cafeteria early for lunch at 11:40. This will allow students to be on the ice from approx. 12:00-12:50.   Please practice tying skates with your child at home in an attempt to reduce the labor intensive portion of getting children ready for the rink.   3) After School Pond Hockey (3:00 - 4:30 daily)   Students in Gr. 3-5 wishing to stay after school for Pond Hockey may also do so.  Transportation will be the responsibility of parents.   4) Rink Maintenance Crew – volunteers will be needed for the daily maintenance of the rink.   Rink maintenance will occur each day, Monday – Thursday, and on Sunday from 8:00 – 10:00 pm.  This involves shoveling off the ice, flooding and general maintenance.   If you can commit yourself to working one day/week as part of the maintenance crew, please give me a call at 627-4080.   Reminders:   ·        Helmets are mandatory for anyone using the rink. Face masks/cages are highly            recommended.   ·        Boots are not allowed on the ice (except for the maintenance crew).   If you have any questions/concerns, please let me know.   See you at the rink.   Mark Donovan Principal         The Croft Rink is now up and running – so let’s say we burn off some of that Christmas turkey shall we?