Croft Spring Into Action Draw

Posted: April 11, 2011

A bi-weekly draw, costing only a loonie ($1) per entry, students have a chance to win a variety of exercise/sport and recreation equipment that encourages active physical behavior at home. Every 2 weeks we will have a new draw ·         Draw 1              (April 11-April 21)  - Bicycle ( 2 to choose from, one for older and one for younger students but only one winner) ·         Draw 2            (April 25- May  6)     - prize to be revealed… ·         Draw 3            (May 9- May 20)       - prize to be revealed… ·         Draw 4            (May 24- June 3)      - prize to be revealed… ·         Draw 5            (June 6- June 17)     - prize to be revealed…     The item to be won will be displayed for the full two week period in the school lobby. To enter, students purchase a ticket for $1, and fill out a ballot with their name. They will be able to do this before school, at recess or at lunch in the lobby. All Money collected will go towards the purchase of the prizes. If there is any money remaining, the proceeds will go towards the purchase of Physical education equipment.