District Regulation 601 - School Closures Due To Weather Conditions and/or Hazard Road Conditions

Posted: December 4, 2013

With  the recent winter weather /road conditions that we have been experiencing please remind students and staff of District Regulation 601 which deals with School Closures due to Weather Conditions and/or Hazardous Road Conditions. Please be aware that there may be times where we will be required to delay bus routes due to existing conditions and /or the  progress of snow clearing/ice removal from the highways, streets and roads of the District. When a delay of bus routes is announced it will be as per the regulation:   “ In the event that a decision is made to delay the operation of buses, schools will open at the normal time. Bus routes may be delayed for a specified period to allow time for conditions to improve. The district reserves the right to cancel classes prior to the end of the delay period should road/weather conditions not improve.”   The complete Regulation  can be obtained at the District website : ASD-N Regulations