Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

Posted: April 22, 2014

  As part of our Earth Day celebrations, some Croft students have chosen to participate in an Earth Day scavenger hunt! Clues have been placed around the school and students have received their questions. You have until Friday @12pm to submit your answer sheet to the office. The person or group with the most correct answers from the clue cards will win a prize.  Click "more" for the rules of the contest.  Here are a few reminders of the rules for you to remember:  ·         Looking for clues may only be done in the morning prior to class, at inside recess or in route to the cafeteria at noon hour.  Anyone caught looking for clues other than these times will have points deducted (teachers please sign their card if you catch them!). ·         Participants may work in teams but, should they win, the final prize will be shared equally among all team members. ·         No sharing the location of clues. ·         No removing clues. ·         Correct answers are the ones found on the clue cards, not on google or other sources. ·         To submit your answer sheet, not all of the answers need to be answered. ·         Don’t forget your name and class on the answer sheet. ·         All answer sheets must be submitted to the office before noon Friday. All clues are hidden in public areas.  None are found inside washrooms, classrooms, guidance, library or gym.  They can be found in hallways, doorways, or in the cafeteria. Any questions or concerns, please let Mrs. Robichaud know!  :)