Elementary Basketball Jamboree

Posted: January 18, 2011

There will be an Elementary Basketball Jamboree on Thursday, January 20, 2011 @ Dr. Losier Middle SchoolPlease note that no outdoor footwear is permitted in the gym (this includes spectators)COURT A3:30 - Nelson (B) v Croft (B)4:30 - St. Andrews (G) v NSEE (G)5:30 - Harkins (B) v Nelson (B) 6:30 - Harkins (B) v Croft (B)COURT B3:30 - St Andrews (G) v Croft (G)4:30 - Napan (M) v Mir Rural (M)5:30 - NSEE (G) v Croft (G)6:30 - Millerton (M) v Mir Rural (M) Canteen facilities will be available (hot dogs, drinks, water, snacks)The next Jamborees will be… February 3 and February 17 At Dr Losier