Missing Mountain Bike

Posted: April 8, 2010

Over the Easter week-end one of our mountain bikes went missing from our school. This particular bike is very unique - with only two or three being sold in the entire Miramichi Region. The school staff are somewhat baffled by this devlopment as there has been no sign of a break in and/or vandalism at our school. The Miramichi Police Force have been contacted regarding this matter and are investigating. The school is also offering a $ 100.00 reward for information leading to the return of this bike. Needless to say, we are soliciting the help of all our stakeholders to help us solve this mystery. The specs. on this bike are as follows: Purchased at Incline Sports Size - Adult Style - Hard Rock/Specialized Color - Red/Orange Frame Special Markings - Orange & Yellow flames painted on frame Note: An exact picture of this bike has been posted in our front lobby (the picture included with this article is a visual representation only). If you have any information about our missing bike, please let Mr. Donovan know.