Musical Festival Information For Parents - April 12th Update

Posted: April 1, 2010

The entire school is participating in the Rotary Music Festival. You will notice that some children are performing more than once. Please refer to the schedule on the following page for our most recent update on performance times and additional information...   Costumes are required for some music festival pieces. They are as follows:   K Wilson and K/1 Brophy are to dress as cowboys and cowgirls for Tues, April 13. Girls choir should be dressed in poodle skirts and sneakers (a la 50’s) for Wed, April 14. All students are invited to dress as pirates for their performance on Wed, April 14. (The girls/ choir will have time to make costume changes).   Music Festival Daily Schedule:   Tuesday, April 13th Kinsmen Center   9:30 – K.Wilson and K/1 Brophy - Texas Train 9:55 – K Wilson and K/1 Brophy – Choral Reading Can’t Sit Still 10:30- K Wilson and K/1 Brophy – Achey Breaky Heart Line Dance 10;45 – 4 Sheppard - Highland Dancing   Wed, April 14th - Carrfour Beausoliel   9:20 – Primary Choir and KWilson and K/1Brophy – Colors 9:45 – Elementary Girls’ Choir – I Would Light a Candle Just One Candle 11:20 – Primary Show Choir and K Wilson and K/1 Brophy – Jumbo Rafiki That’s My Mom  12:05 – Croft Girls’ Choir – Rock and Roll Forever Surfin USA Croft School - My Principal is a Pirate & I Got a Feeling!   Mon, April 19th - Carrfour Beausoliel   9:40 – Croft Glockenspiel Boomwhackers Keyboard and Harmonica Group   Important Note: Parents are reminded that they must be seated in the auditorium early, as once a performance begins, the doors                        are locked until the end of the performance.   End of schedule.