Soccer Seasson Kicks Off Next Week

Posted: September 13, 2013

Our first home game of the season will be next week, Tuesday September 17th at 4:00 p.m. Come join us on "The Pitch" for some great soccer action. Read on for more details...     “Croft Soccer Team 2013”                                                                                                 September 12, 2013   Dear Parents/Guardians,   Welcome to the # 1 Game in the world – Soccer (or football as it is referred to in most other countries). No other game in the world has as many children actively involved as soccer.  We are pleased to inform you that your son/daughter has signed up to play this great game on our school team.   Please note the following team roster, guidelines, rules, etc. for our soccer team:   Team Roster                                 Jersey #           Shorts              Socks 1.      Amos, Owen                            14                    X                      X 2.      Bell, Braden                            10                    X                      X 3.      Bent, Megan                           2                      X 4.      Blaquier, Jansen                      28                    X                      X                      5.      Cain, Jack                                26                    X 6.      Deon, Zackary                         16                                            X 7.      Henderson, Alex                      31                    8.      Henderson, Bailey                   36                    X 9.      Jardine, Sophie                        12                    X 10.  Kingston, Liam                                    34                    X                      X 11.  Matthews, Kohl                       11                    X                      X 12.  MacDairmid, Colin                 29        13.  MacTavish, Tye                       13 14.  Mutch, Grayden                      Keeper             15.  Morrison, Claire                     3                      X                      X 16.  Richardson, Elizabeth             12                    X                      X 17.  Schenkels, Hendrik                  18 18.  Shaddick, Owen                      6                      19.  Skidmore, Landon                   32                    X                      X 20.  Stewart, Landon                      8                      X                      X 21.  Sweeney, Pierce                      9                      X                      X 22.  Tenass, Jacob                          Keeper             X                      X 23.  Thomas, Billy                          24                    X                      X   Practice – will occur at lunch time, Mondays & Wednesdays, throughout the fall. Team members that do not attend practice will be taken off the team.   Uniforms – all students will be issued a uniform that includes a jersey and/or shorts and/or socks (see Team Roster). In some instances, students have indicated they already have black shorts and socks, which is why none has been issued to that child.   Each child is responsible for keeping their uniform for the season. After the year end Jamboree in October each player is expected to return their uniform, washed and in good condition. Full uniforms are to be worn each game. Students who forget their uniform will not be allowed to play.   Sportsmanship – the number one thing we want our players to learn is sportsmanship. Students will learn this not only from their coaches, but also by the example parents set. Any player demonstrating unsportsmanlike conduct could jeopardize their place on the team.   Transportation to Games – is the sole responsibility of parents. Car pooling is recommended.   Special Equipment – it is not expected that parents purchase new cleats to play soccer; regular running shoes are fine. However, shin guards are recommended and are relatively inexpensive. Most sporting goods stores carry this protective gear ie. Canadian Tire, Sport Check, etc.   Game Schedule/Game Format/Rules ***attached   “Fee” – there will be a $ 10.00 fee for all soccer players to cover cost of referees and replacement uniforms. Please submit your fee to your child’s coach.   I look forward to a great soccer season. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.   “Go Croft Go!”   Mark Donovan Soccer Coach Croft Elementary School