Terry Fox Event

Posted: October 4, 2012

Written by: Croft Leadership Group Hair was flying at Croft Elementary on Thursday, September 27th 2012 in remembrance of Terry Fox!  Alexa Matchett, a grade 5 Croft student, had her ponytail donated to help make a wig for cancer patients.  Mrs Robichaud also donated her ponytail which was cut-off by student Rebecca Hare.  Tickets were sold to students for $1 each for a chance to cut-off the teacher’s ponytail.  In total the hair cutting event raised $143 for the Terry Fox Foundation.  A special thanks goes out to Glamour’s Tara Drisdale for volunteering her services during the event and of course to our brave student Alexa Matchett.   Croft students also walked for Terry Fox on the same day.  Each student was asked to bring a “Twoonie for Terry” raising an additional $405 for the Terry Fox Foundation.  The entire school walked with members of the Timberwolves in remembrance of Terry and his efforts towards cancer research.   Check out the photos from the event in our gallery!