Another Great Story

Posted: December 16, 2009

We have been reading different versions of the gingerbread man in class.  Today the kids came up with a class gingerbread story of their own.  Hope you enjoy it! Once upon a time there was a gingerbread family who lived in a gingerbread world.  There was a mommy gingerbread, a daddy gingerbread, twin gingerbread girls and a baby gingerbread boy, who was a little bossy.  They had three pets at their house.  There was a gingerbread dog, a gingerbread cat and a gingerbread fox.  One night a gingerbread robber came into the house and stole all of the pets. He put them in his truck and took them to his house. The next morning the family woke up and saw that the pets were gone.  The gingerbread family was sad and mad and they called the gingerbread police.  The police searched everywhere but they could not find the pets.  The family was worried.  They decided to leave out special candy cane treats for the pets that night.  Across town, the pets could smell the candy can treats.  They tried to escape but they could not get out.  They made such a racket that the robber woke up and could smell the candy canes.  The magical smell made his heart grow larger and he became nice.  The next morning, the robber took the pets back to the gingerbread family and said he was sorry for taking the pets.  He never liked Christmas before he smelled the candy canes and now he loved Christmas and wanted everyone to be happy.  The gingerbread family forgave the robber and asked him to stay for their Christmas turkey supper.