Happy New Year from Mrs. Hare's Grade 1 Class

Posted: January 11, 2011

Our students would like to share some of their Holiday experiences with you.   Kelly - I went to my Grandparent's house for the day and my mom picked me up later.  I was very happy to see my grandparents. Catherine - I went on the skidoo at Ricky and Kelly's house. Sam - For Christmas I got a big Tonka truck that can turn into a Monster truck.  It is cool! Andrew - Me and my parents celebrated the holiday at Burger King and I got to have dark pop. Ashley - I got an Easy Bake oven and I baked muffins cookies and bread.  I loved it! Mackenzie - I made a volcano at my home with my mama and daddy and I'm making one next year at my daycare. Payton - I went over to my cousin's house and she had built a cool fort with her parents.  We polayed in it with ny sister. Owen - I got an electric guitar for Christmas.  I played it all Christmas. Morgan - Me, my dad, Katelin and my sister built a skating rink.  I'm playing in it today. Landon - I went to see Yogi Bear over the Holiday.  Jenna - I went on my four-wheeler with my friend.  It was fun. Sophie - I went to se Yogi Bear with my mom and my aunt, Cindy.  It was fun. Kaya - On the weekend, I got a new puppy after Christmas and it was late.  She is cute!