Sharing Time

Posted: November 24, 2009

Nora's mom held the phone up to her pet bird's cage so Nora could say hello.  Nora yelled hellow into the phone and the bird fell off of it's perch. It was funny. Last night at hockey, Alex slammed into the boards and now he has a sore back.  Let's hope he feels better soon! Saturday, Josh went to Braden's house for a sleepover.  Braden woke up when it was still dark and Josh pretended to be a monster.  Braden hit him with his pillow and apillow fight began.  Later, Josh cuddled up with Braden's webkin, cuddles.  Sounds like they had a great time. Olivia went to a beach in Florida and played in the water with Aedan.  It was fun.