Sharing Time

Posted: December 17, 2009

Ashton is going to see Santa Clause with his mommy and daddy and his little brother.  He can't wait.  Many of the other children are going to see Santa as well. Olivia went to see Santa as well but she did not sit on his lap. Makayla actually saw Santa cooking on a video. She could hear the elves in the background.  Cool! Hanna got a video letter from Santa and he told her how the reindeer can fly but she can't tell us.  It's a secret.  Alex, Sophie, Nora, Austin, Hendrik, Jacob, Emma and Claire all got a video letter from Santa aw well. Josh is going to make a gingerbread house on Monday. Liam is already looking forward to the new year so he can go to his cousins' house. Wow are we excited about Christmas.  Only eight more sleeps.