Bubbles and Kiwi

Posted: December 6, 2010

     A month or so ago, we welcomed Bubbles our pet budgie. He was rather quiet but adjusted well to the classroom. We have teams of students that take care of his needs each day. We also take him out to visit us on our shoulders while we work.Last week, Bubbles had a play date with Sunny. Sunny spent the day with Bubbles and they had a great time swinging, playing, singing and cuddling. After Sunny returned home, Bubbles was very lonely and quiet. We realized that Bubbles needed a friend to keep him/her company, so we welcomed a new budgie that we have named Kiwi. They are very happy together. The students are very responsible with our new additions and I am pleased with their kindness towards our birds.We will surely enjoy them throughout the year. Here are some pics: