Field Trip to Acadian Village

Posted: June 16, 2011

     It' finally here! We are heading out for our historique adventure tomorrow morning at 8:30 sharp! Dress in layers and bring lots of yummy snacks and a good lunch. There is lots of walking to do, so make sure you wear comfortable footwear.      There are snack bars on site and a gift shop. If time permits, students will be allowed to purchase items during the day. Students may bring technology to entertain themselves on the bus. Please note that teachers and supervisors are not responsible for lost or damaged items during the trip. Students will be expected to carry their bookbags during the day, so please only pack necessary items.      Unfortunately, there is no room on the bus for extra passengers. However, if parents wish to join us they can neet us at the Village at approx. 10am. I would love to divide the class down and assign a couple of kids per parent. This would make the visit a little more pleasant rather than try to travel in a group of 20. So, we would love to have you!