Grade 2 assessments May 20th to May 27th

Posted: May 17, 2010

They're here! It is finally assessment time. The children have been working hard all year in preparation for this week. There is 2 assesments: 1. Reading Comprehension and 2. Writing. The first part of this week will be used to review reading and writing strategies. I feel they are ready and I have reassured them that they are ready. How can parents help? Here's how: 1. Make sure your child is at school for the next 2 weeks. Any time missed may put them behind and extra time is not alloted. If   your child falls ill for more than a day, please contact me after class hours.2. Make sure your child gets to bed at a good time each school night.3. Make sure your child gets a good breakfast in the morning. If you are running late, remind them to have breakfast at school. Attendance, a good rest and a full belly will all help your child perform to the best of his/her ability. Don't "stress out" over your child's performance. Instead, encourage them each day to do their best and they will:) Thank you for your support during this busy time.