Important homework reminders (April 7)

Posted: April 7, 2011

- Spelling test is tomorrow! - Math tonight is questions #2 problem on pg. 127 and your math facts!  We are doing perimeter and area of quadrilaterals so we really need to know our facts! - Gym tomorrow! Prepare to go outside! (Mits, hat, ski pants or splash pants, and coat are REQUIRED by Mr. Nastasiuk) - French clothing cards are due tomorrow (Friday April 8) - Social studies: Due next Thursday is your model Ziggurat (Mesopotamian god/goddess homes) Also, keep in mind the test is coming up soon! - District Spelling Bee is tomorrow.  We will be cheering on the students representing Croft! - Notice went home today to notify parents of the upcoming 'talk' with grade 5 students.  The public Health nurse wil be here April 13th to talk with the girls and the boys (separately) about growing up. (Helpful websites were included on the notice.)