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Posted: March 8, 2010


Thu, Mar 18/10 9:00 pm
1. lecture 15 minutes 2. Study multiplication and division, test on Friday.    Important events for the month of March: Our class has started to write pen pal letters to a 3/4 Immersion class in Riverview. They are very excited! I hope you all enjoyed your childs pyramids for their books reports! They are now working on a flower for their next book report. Please make sure you quiz your child with multiplications ans divisions every night as we have a test this Friday. we will start measurement next week. Grade 3- analog + digital clocks, tell and write time, count money, make change, read money, measure in millilitre, litres, grams, kilograms. Grade 4-Tell time-12 hour/24 hour clocks, estimate and measure area, record dates in various form. Please don't forget to write a note if you have any questions. Mlle Rousselle :)
1. lecture 15 minutes 2. Please continue to study multiplications and divisions. (games are on the web links and the colored sheet I gave them.)                       3. Quiz de math à signer.   * Please do not forget to bring $2.00 for the Olympics medals if you have not yet.   Olympic events for this week:     Tuesday: Boot pond hockey. Children must bring a helmet. Hockey stick will be provided for those that don't have any.   Wednesday: Figure Skating Grades 3-5 will be leaving Croft at 12:30 to go to Civic Center and will return at 2:30. Children will need their skates and their helmets.   Thursday: Curling at school. Rocks will be provided of course!   Friday: Closing ceremony in front of the School at 11:00.    Have a great March break!

Posted: February 17, 2010

1. lecture 15 minutes 2. Grade 3's must study their times tables up to 6 every night. 3. Grade 4's must study their times tables up to 9 every night. We are working on divisions in math therefore, they must master their multiplications!   * Have a  great Olympics everybody!

Posted: February 12, 2010


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