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Students are currently working on the "Show What You Know" lesson on decimals and fractions.   Homework:  Complete questions 1,2,3,4,7 pg. 216.   There will be a quiz on fractions and decimals early next week.   Mr. Henderson
Students are currently working on ordering decimals and relating decimals to measurement.  The class will explore adding and subtracting decimals with a review of all lessons at the end of the week.   The next unit will be "Data and Statistics".  Students will read data from graphs and create their own graphs to represent specific data.   Have a great week!!   Mr. Henderson
1.  Complete review sheet "Relating Fractions To Decimals".  This sheet is located in each of the students Math duo - tang.
1.  Complete questions 5, 6, and 7 in your textbook page 179.  Students will explore fraction and decimal benchmarks on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.   NOTE:  Parents are reminded to review all basic multiplication and division facts up to 12.  This year there will be a section on the provincial assessment asking students to answer fifteen basic tables within two minutes.
This is a notice to parents and students that the next lesson to be explored is "Relating Fraction to Decimals".   An introduction to the lesson will begin and continue following the Easter break!
Students are currently working on comparing and ordering fractions.  Questions to complete for homework include 1,2, and 12 in the student textbook pgs. 172 - 173.   Mr. Henderson
Students are currently working on their Geometry quiz and will be given time to finish the morning of March 17th.  Please make sure that a quick review of the geometry terms is completed tonight.   The next unit will begin on Thursday March 18th: Fractions and Decimals. Mr. Henderson
This is a notice to parents and students that the upcoming months in Math will be important in preparing for provincial assessments in June.  Completion of curriculum outcomes and cumulative reviews of Math concepts will be explored,  It is important that your child be focused and rested each day as the assessments approach.   Mr. Henderson
This is a notice to parents your child is currently exploring geometric shapes and their attributes.  Following March break there will be a review of this material with a short quiz followed by the next unit "Fractions and Decimals".   Have A Great March Break Everyone!!!   Mr. Henderson
Students have started the next unit "Geometry".   Items to explore include geometric shapes and their attributes.     Congratulations to everyone on a terriific Math test!!!   Mr. Henderson