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Posted: February 5, 2010

A notice to parents that your child is completing their Math test on "Multiplying and Dividing Whole Numbers".    Several students did not finish writing therefore everyone will have time on Monday February 8th during Math class to complete/review their test.   Mr. Henderson

Posted: February 2, 2010

Students are now completing their cumulative review on units 1 to 3.     An upcoming test will be written focusing on these three units this Friday February 5th 2010.   Godd Luck Everyone! Mr. Henderson

Posted: January 27, 2010

Students are now finishing the lesson on solving word problems with more than one step.  We are now beginning a cumulative review of units 1,2, and 3.    There will be a cumulative test following the completion of the cumulative review.   Good Luck Everyone!!!
Students are now finishing the lesson focused on long division and have explored various ways to solve these problems.   The next unit will involve solving word problems.  It is important to make sure that each word problem is read carefully and more than once before an attempt is made at solving.  Remember, it is not how fast you get there but if you do at all!!   Mr. Henderson
Students have started the next unit in Math "Dividing A Three digit Number by A One Digit Number".  The strategies used for this method are traditional steps and strategies.  New strategies on solving these problems will be explored in the coming days!   Good Luck Everyone!!
Students have started the next chapter in Math "Estimating Quotients".  It is important that students practice and model to their parents the specific Math strategies that have been explored to date.  Modelling to parents will build confidence in their ability to use the strategy not only in Math class but in the real world.   Strategies include: 1.  Double and Take Half. 2.  Rounding to make compatible numbers. 3.  Eleven Strategy. 4.  Compensation when estimating. 5.  Expanded form to create multiplication facts.(Two digit by two digit multiplication)   Please take the time to ask your child about the strategies described above.   Mr. Henderson   

Posted: January 14, 2010

This is a note to parents that your child is currently working on two digit multiplication.  The traditional method of calculating these problems will be explained along with various other strategies.  Your child may have to demonstrate to you some of these new strategies as part of their homework.   Mr. Henderson
Students have finished lessons on estimating products and quotients and are now beginning multplication of two digit numbers.    Remember to continue to review your basic multiplication facts 1 to 12 and mental math strategies.   Mr. Henderson

Posted: January 11, 2010

Students are currently working on estimating products and quotients.  Lesson 5 and 6 of the student textbook will focus on solving word problems using multiplication and division.   Mr. Henderson asks that students continue to review their multiplication and division facts and crazy pop strategies.
Any student who did not return their test signed and corrected, please do so for tomorrow. Students are now working on the next unit tilted "Multiplying and Dividing Whole Number".     It is very important that students continue to study basic multiplication and division facts.  Mental Math strategies will be reviewed during this unit.   Mr. Henderson