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Posted: February 16, 2011

Virtual tour of the digestive system

This is a fun, interactive website for students to get a good idea of how the body's digestive system works.

Posted: February 10, 2011

- Reading for 15-20 minutes (logged in reading log or homework book if necessary) - Math Pg. 86 # 1-4 - Bring skates and warm clothes as the class is going skating for gym class tomorrow! - Monday is Valentine's day!  Wear your red and/or pink!

Posted: January 20, 2011

Skating tomorrow at lunch (optional) and during gym class from 1:00 - 2:00pm.  Dress for the weather!!

Posted: January 20, 2011

I hope everyone enjoyed their snowday but we're back to good ol' homework! - Lecture 15 a 20 min. - Math worksheet (facts to 9) - Book orders due next Friday (28th) - Tomorrow is Crazy Hat Day!....Bring a loonie and your craziest hat to support our student council!!

Posted: January 17, 2011

-Reading 15 - 20 min., logged in campfire notebook -Math test must be signed for tomorrow -Don't forget to bring your favorite food tomorrow!  

Posted: January 14, 2011

As we finish up our French unit on eating habits and preferences, Tuesday, January 18 we are having "Un diner de mes aliments préférés"  (My Favorite Foods lunch). This means we will be eating lunch all together in our class, while speaking french of course! Students, who can, will bring in a lunch that includes their favorite food (or one of their favorites).                                         Please remember we are a nut free school!    Before we eat, each student will briefly present to the class what their favorite food is, why they like it so much, and how often they get to have it (in French).  This does not need to be a prepared written presentation, but they should have an idea what they want to say about it.  We have alreay discussed this in class and most of the neccessary vocabulary has been used daily throughout the unit, however I will help with any unfamiliar vocabulary.   *Some students have asked if they could bring in enough of their favorite food to let their classmates try it.  This is fine, but not at all neccessary; as long as they each have something to eat and something to present they are fine!  (Please let me know if there are any food allergies I am not already aware of. Thanks) **If it is not possible to bring in any of their favorite foods, they can bring a packed lunch to eat with us and a picture or drawing of their favorite food item to present with! 

Posted: December 20, 2010

Just a few reminders: - There will be no homework this week, but reading each night is always a good idea. - The Christmas concert is tomorrow (Tuesday Dec. 21/10) - We are doing very well in the food bank competition, but there are a lot of needy families that could use our help! - Thursday, Dec. 23rd is now only a half day of school!  It is very important that I know EXACTLY where your child is to go when the children are dismissed. (Time to be finalized)  A notice will go home that you can fill out.   Have a Safe and Happy Holiday!

Posted: December 15, 2010

- Lecture 15 a 20 minutes - Math review sheeet - Math TEST Friday!! - Practice for the concert! - Food bank donations!

Posted: December 7, 2010

- Lecture 15 a 20 minutes - Math worsheet - Don't forget your gym clothes! - Practice your song "Mon beau sapin"    ~Remember to start bringing in food for the Food Bank!~

Posted: December 6, 2010

- Lecture 15 a 20 minutes - Practice math facts, read over page 54 in text - Practice Mon beau sapin song


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