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Home and School Wish List for Halloween Spooktacular

Can you help us?

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Calendar February 2016

February 2016 Calendar

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Croft Rink 2016 Information

Please see attachment for important Rink information

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Girls Basketball Information

Please see attachment for information on girls basketball

Microsoft Office document icon basketball_-_girls_-_2016.doc Jan 14, 2016
October Newsletter Calendar File newsletter_calendar_for_october.docx Oct 9, 2016
Minutes from Home and School Meeting- October 17th

Croft Home and School met last evening to plan for many student-oriented events including the Flashlight Frolic at French Fort Cove on this Thursday evening @ 6;00 pm and the Halloween Spooktacular scheduled for Friday, October 28th, here at Croft. Please see the accompanying story for more details. H&S have been very busy with projects for our students and would like to get your help with donations for the Halloween event. A notice was sent home and is also included on this page. We thank you for your support. Hope to see you Thursday evening at the Cove and of course at our Halloween Spooktacular!

File croft_elementary_scho11.docx Oct 18, 2016
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