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Posted: October 29, 2013

The next Home & School meeting will be Wednesday, November 6th/13 at 6:15pm in the school cafeteria.We invite all parents to join us as we finalize details of the Ladies Night and discussion new business.

Posted: April 11, 2011

  English Homework This Week:     Monday complete a Venn Diagram, or compose two or three paragraphs, that compare and contrast life in the 1930'scompared with today. Students should refer to our novel for specific examples read Chapter XVI (16) "Where The Red Fern Grows" Tuesday complete Cursive handwriting page # 52 read for pleasure (15 minutes) complete comprehension questions from Where the Red Fern Grows Wednesday complete Cursive handwriting page # 53 read for pleasure (15 minutes) Thursday complete Cursive handwriting page # 54 read for pleasure (15 minutes) Writing Activity - students will be asked to complete their final copy, two or more paragraphs, about our class discussion on Easter ("What is Easter all about? Why do we have an "Easter Week-end"? How did the traddition of the Easter Bunny begin?, etc).  

Posted: April 4, 2011

In Class: Novel Where The Red Fern Grows. Read Aloud and Shared Reading Chpts. XII - XV. Homework: Monday   Novel Read Chpt. XII                Cursive Writing p. 49 Tuesday  Novel Read Chpt. XIII               Cursive Writng p. 50 Wednesday Read Chpt. XIV                   Cursive Writing p. 51 Thursday Read Chpt. XV               Cursive Writing p. 52                
This Week In English: Students will be presenting Differentiated Projects on novel "Bridge to Teribithia" on Mon. & Tues. Novel - Where The Red Fern Grows - in class reading, vocabulary & comprehension exercises Writing - Exercises focussing on the Write Traits, Quick Writes & Self Editing   Homework: Monday         Cursive Writing P. 43                      Novel Study Chpt. VII                      Finish Projects (Bridge to Teribithia) Tuesday        Cursive Writing P. 44                      Novel Study Chpt. VIII Wednesday   Cursive Writing P. 45 Thursday       Cursive Writing P. 46                      Novel Study Chpt. IX

Posted: February 8, 2011

Congratulations to the Croft team 3 who defeated Blackville  in the finals of the Croft Siddal Cup on Friday by a score of 12-10. To view pictures of the day, please visit our sports page

Posted: February 7, 2011

          In Class This Week: Cursive Writing Self Evaluation & Review Using Similes & Metaphors When Writing Novel Study "Bridge To Teribithia" Writing Using Imagery Spelling - No Excuse Words Homework Monday                  Cursive Writing p. 28                               Complete two Similes and prepare to share with class on Tues.                               Novel Study - finish to end of chpt. 9 Tuesday                 Cursive Writing p. 29                              Complete two Metaphors and prepare to share with the class on Thurs.                              Novel Study - finish to end of chpt. 10 Wednesday            Cursive Writing p. 30                              Novel Study - finish to end of chpt. 11 Thursday                Cursive Writing p. 31                               Novel Study - writing assignment
   In Class Work: Much of our in class work this week will focus on our Afghanistan Projects. However, our new class novel study (Bridge To Teribithia) will also be delved into. Written assignments will include comprehension questions from our novel as well as exercises on capitalization and punctuation.   Homework Monday                  Cursive Writing p. 22                               Novel Study - finish to end of chpt. 4 Tuesday                 Cursive Writing p. 23                              Novel Study - finish to end of chpt. 5 Wednesday            Cursive Writing p. 24                              Novel Study - finish to end of chpt. 6 Thursday                Cursive Writing p. 25                               Novel Study - writing assignment

Posted: January 17, 2011

  This Week In Our Classroom:   Novel - Bridge to Teribithia - students will begin reading novel and completing comprehension questions. Cursive Writing - we will continue working through our cursive book as part of our homework exercises. Afghanistan Project - as mentioned previously, students will begin a differentiated project of their choice as a follow up to the the two novels we read (The Breadwinner and Parvanna's Journey). These projects could focus on Afghan Food, Afghan Clothing, Canada in Afghanistan, etc. Additional details for his project will be included with student's homework tomorrow. Write Traits - we will be focussing on the Conventions Trait with a particular emphasis on capitalization and punctuation. Afghanistan Presentations will begin on Thursday.   Homework This Week:   Monday - Bridge to Teribithia - Read Chapter 2               Cursive Writing p.19               Consider topics for Afghanistan Project and begin research   Tuesday - Bridge To Teribithia - Finish reading Chpt. 3                Cursive Writing p.20                Begin Afghanistan Project   Wednesday - Work on "Afghanistan Project"   Thursday - Work on Afghanistan Project if not finished.                 Cursive Writing p. 21 Afghanistan Project – Gr. 5 Aubry   Information for Students & Parents   This Differentiated Project is a follow up to the novels our class read prior to Christmas Break (The Breadwinner & Parvanna’s Journey).   It is called a “Differentiated Project” as it is intended to capitalize on the “different” strengths and interests of each child.   Following is a list of possible project topics students may choose from:   Afghan Food (ie. nan bread, rice dishes, etc.). This may or may not include actual food – this is up to the student & parent to decide) Afghan History and Geography The Canadian Military in Afghanistan Afghan Clothing (ie. burqa, shalwar kameez, etc.) Land Mines in Afghanistan War With Russia The Taliban The Islamic Religion Any other related topic approved by the teacher   The format for presenting your information can also vary. The final project presentation could take any one of the following formats:                                                                  i.      Power Point                                                              ii.      Poster Board Display                                                             iii.      Role Play and/or Skit                                                             iv.      Video Story                                                               v.      Food Preparation & Presentation                                                             vi.      Song/Dance                                                            vii.      Another format approved by the teacher   Although the actual project each child produces can be very different from one student to the next, most projects will follow these five steps:   1.   Research your topic Choose how you wish to present your information (format) Gather your information Piece your information together into a logical presentation Conduct an actual presentation of your material to the class     Afghanistan Project Grading System     Evidence of Research                                                  /25   Knowledge About Topic                                              /25   Written Materials/Final Product                                   /25   Presentation to Class                                                   /25        Total                /100      

Posted: December 13, 2010

In our classroom this week:   Shared Writing - Script for play "The Dr. Yule Feelbetter" Show Parvanna's Journey (Novel) - Read Aloud Christmas Short Stories - "An Orange From Portugal" Collection Grammar Exercises - focus on capitalization & punctuation Cursive Writing Review Proper Form and Techniques Christmas Concert Rehearsal Homework:   Monday - Cursive Writing p. 11               Read 15 min. - student choice

Posted: December 6, 2010

        "In Our Classroom This Week" Thank You Letters to Volunteers & Business - final copies Christmas Concert Script Writing - "Yuletide Favorites" Cursive Writing - progress chart Parvana's Journey - Read Aloud Rehearsal for Christmas Concert Student Readings & Literature Circles - The Gift of the Magi Homework: Monday Cursive Writing p. 7 Read 15 min. - The Gift of the Magi -The Clarion Call Practise Huron Carol (girl's group) Finish Thank You Letter (cursive writing or typed) Tuesday Cursive Writing p. 8 Read 15 min. - The Gift of the Magi Practise Huron Carol or Yuletide Favorites Wednesday Cursive Writing p. 9 Read 15 min. - The Gift of the Magi Christmas Concert - Practise Song or Lines   Thursday Cursive Writing p. 10 Read 15 min. - The Gift of the Magi Christmas Concer - Practise Song or Lines    
This Week In our Classroom:    Students will begin preparations for the Christmas Concert by either performing the song "The Huron Carol" or the classic poem "Twas The Night Before Christmas". The Huron Carol  Twas The Night Before Christmas Cursive Writing Booklets Note: As mentioned previously, there is a $ 7.00 cost for each Cursive Writing Booklet. Parents are asked to please send this to school this week. Thank you. Parvana's Journey - Read Aloud Letter Writing - Letters of Appreciation Shared Writing and Indepedent Writing Homework This Week: Monday Read and discuss the Huron Carol with a member of your family. Why do you think Jean Breboeuf wrote this song? Cursive Writing Assignment in Booklet   Tuesday Cursive Writing Assignment in Booklet p.4. Study lines of Huron Carol or Twas The Night Before Christmas. Read 15 minutes.   Wednesday Cursive Writing Assignment in Booklet p.5. Read a min. of 15 minutes. Practise song or poem   Thursday Cursive Writing Assignment in Booklet p.6. Read 15 minutes Draft Thank You Letter
Only one month to go before the Christmas Break :-)   A Glance at Our Classroom This Week:     Literature Circles - groups will continue to explore Literature Circles - roles and responsibilities Reading and writing activities - Literature Circles - from the Gift of the Magi  Letter Writing - parts of a letter, letters to Santa Introduction to Basic Handwriting Techniques Read Aloud - Parvana's Journey Quick Writes - pertaining to Parvana's Journey Special Note to Parents:  A few of you have expressed to me concerns regarding student handwriting. As a result, I have decided to incorporate into English class "Basic Handwriting" skills. An excellent resource for this is the consumable booklet entitled "Canadian Handwriting - Book E". I have ordered a class set of these booklets - one for each student. The cost of these booklets is $ 7.00 each. When our booklets arrive I will send along another note to remind you of this payment. If this cost is a problem or concern, please let me know and the school will cover the cost.   Homework Monday: Read 15 minutes. Finish Cursive Writing Assignment Complete letter to Santa Homework Tuesday: Read short story from Gift of the Magi "The Chapparel Prince". Discuss with a family member. Homework Wednesday: Read 15 minutes - student choice of reading Homework Thursday: Read short story from Gift of the Magi (to be assigned in class on Thurs.) Complete Literature Circle Activity    

Posted: November 15, 2010

Class Work This Week: Short Stories from "The Gift of the Magi" (all week) Literature Circles - format & definition of roles (all week)   Literature Circle Roles: Discussion Director - develops ques. for group discussion. Literary Luminary - focusses on special sections of the text to have group read aloud and delve into further. Illustrator - draws a picture related to the reading. Connector - makes connections between the book and the world outside. Summarizer - provides a summary of what was read. Vocabulary Enricher - finds new, important or interesting words - definitions and explanations. Travel Tracer - focusses on the setting and how it changes in the story. Investigator - digs up background information on any topic related to the story.           Note: Students will be given more details as to each Literature Circle Role in class on Tuesday. Homework This Week: Note: The Differentiated Activity for the novel "The Breadwinner" has been put on hold. I have decided to read the sequel, "Parvanna's Journey"" to the class first and then have a culminating activity at the end for both novels. Monday:  Finish Short Story "The Last Leaf" Complete Illustration for "The Last Leaf" Tuesday: Short Story from "The Gift of the Magi" - One Thousand Dollars Complete Travel Tracer Activity (two lines or a paragraph at most discussing the setting of the story - where & when.) Wednesday: Short Story  from "The Gift of the Magi" - One Thousand Dollars Complete Vocabulary Enricher Activity (choose two or three interesting words. Find the definition for each word and write the word in a sendtence.) Thursday: Short Story from "The Gift of the Magi Complete Discussion Director Activity        

Posted: November 8, 2010

Class Work This Week: John McCrae Biography - Follow Up Discussion & Comprehension Questions In Flander's Fields Recitation The Breadwinner - Read Aloud - Conclusion of Novel Differentiation Topics for Breadwinner Assignment Homework This Week: Read 15 minutes each night - student selection Memorize remaining two verses of In Flander's Fields John McCrae Bio - discussion with family Consider Differentiated Topic for Breadwinner Concluding Assignment

Posted: November 1, 2010

    English Class - Main Topics and Homework for the Week November 1-4     This week at a glance: Quick Writes on the topics "Happy Halloween, Life in Canda vs. Life in Afghanistan, Why We Remember". The Veteran On Our Ten Dollar Bill - classroom discussion. Read Aloud "The Breadwinner", Chpts. 12-14 In Flanders Fields Poem - all students are to memorize at least the first verse & complete an illustration to fit the poem. A Remembrance Day Story - handout in class. For discussion at home.