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Posted: February 10, 2016

Recently I held a contest for students to come up with imaginative explanations for Lisa's broken arm. Lisa and I have finally combed througgh all the entries and Lisa has selected her 4 favorite stories; one from each class. I am in the process of marking these stories and you will get them back soon. The four winners will join Lisa and I for lunch next Friday, February 24th at Pizza Delight. Congratulations!

And the winners are.... Ava Fawkes (3G), Avery Russell (3L), Hillary Wood (4M), Katie Crocker (5A)

There were many excellent stories and you all deserve high praise!

Posted: February 8, 2016

This week's writing assignment is a persuasive piece, directed towards Mr. Donovan. The purpose of this letter is to give him feedback about the things you would like to see at the new school. This could include the types of activities you feel are needed for students, the type of equipment needed for the new school, teams you feel are appropriate; anything that you feel would be valuable to the school.

Remember that in a persuasive piece, you are required to give reasons/ facts to back up what you are saying. In other words, you need to be a great lawyer and present a great argument to support your case. You should have three reasons to support your cause. We will go over how to present these arguments in class.

Posted: January 20, 2016

Everyone at Croft was sad to see that Lisa, our admin assistant is sporting a broken arm. She has been very vague about how she really broke it and won't tell many the real cause for the cast. Some people know the real cause, but the rest of us can only speculate as to the true reason behind the 'fashion accessory'.

This week's writing assignment gives you the opportunity to come up with an explanation for Lisa's broken arm. Be creative! I don't want to read some boring excuse like she fell. Make it interesting. Lisa is actually going to read all the stories and select her favorite story from each class. The winner will be treated to lunch by me. Get those creative juices flowing. Due date for this assignment is Monday, February 1st. Of course you may hand in your assignment early.

 This is your chance to scare the daylights out of me, or make me laugh til I cry. Maybe you have an idea that is clever and your story will have a twist at the end. It is time to begin your first major writing assignment! I will help you by setting these guidelines to follow and helping you with mini deadlines. If you follow my guidelines you will have a great story in time for Halloween. I will be marking these stories on all writing traits: Ideas, Organization, Word Choice, Voice, Sentence Structure, Conventions and Presentation. Each trait is as important as the next, so take special care with each stage of your writing process. The story has to have a Halloween or Autumn theme. These are great themes for using word choice and voice, and adding great detail and description. Remember to write using the senses so that I can picture it as I read the story. October 3-4 - Brainstorming and organizing ideas.                     Opening paragraph completed. Oct 5-10 - Each day add a paragraph to the story. Does the story make sense? Is it moving along at a good pace? Are you detailing one event? Remember we want a 'seed' story, not a 'watermelon' story. Oct 14 - Share draft with classmate to get feed back. Make necessary changes to details to create a clearer picture. Oct 17- 24 - Crafting and editing story. Looking for the million dollar words that make your story 'pop', Getting you final draft edited by myself or a parent. Oct 25-31 - Completing final copy. It should be hand-written double-spaced or typed and have a coverpage with a picture colored. You will present these stories in class, beginning on Oct 27, for those of you who may be ready early. I can't wait to read them!! You will have a considerable amount of classtime to work on these stories, but are expected to also work on them as homework. You must meet the October 31st deadline....... or face the 'Homework Witch!    

Posted: September 29, 2011

Calling all turkeys! Remember that you need to bring in your swimming cap tomorrow. It needs to be transformed into a turkey head. If you can't get it for tomorrow, please have it here on Monday at the latest. Study your lines because Friday is show time!! Those of you who have lines for Remembrance Day or Halloween plays, please study those lines too, but it is important that we have everything nailed down perfectly for the Thanksgiving play on Friday. We will have a noon hour practice on Monday @ 12:25, so you'll have to eat at 12:00 that day. Those of you in Girls' Choir, we practice @ 12:00 and then you can grab your lunch and eat in rehearsal.  

Posted: September 29, 2011

Welcome back to another exciting year in L.A. We are going to be doing a lot of writing and reading some really great books. I can't wait to get started. I am getting this web page up and running for all my L.A. classes; 5Aubry, 4Matchett, 3LeGresley, and 3Girouard. You will be able to find out about assignments and tests due dates, get project outlines and read student stories and poems that I think are very good. Try to check this page at least on Mondays, if not every day. I'll have assignments posted on Sundays. Grade 3 classes - You should have your 'About Me' Draft completed for tomorrow. We are going on to Page 2 tomorrow. Grade 4 - We are going to finish our Miramichi Morning piece tomorrow..... I hope. Grade 5 - We will be finishing Bridge to Terabithia next week and then we will be having a test. When we are finished with the test, we will relax and watch the movie, and compare it to the book. Enjoy your weekend guys, and check the page on Sunday:) 

Posted: April 17, 2011

Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a great weekend. We are in a short week this week ! Here is your homework. Spelling - Lesson 2. Test will be on Thursday and we will do Ex. A and B on Monday and Tuesday. Reading - Read for 15 minutes each evening. Handwriting - One letter will be completed each evening but they will be started during class time. Writing - We are working on our good copies of the 'Sandwich' piece. You may do some of it at home if you like, but it is not necessary. Math - One worksheet each evening.

Posted: April 10, 2011

Hello Everyone! I hope you had a great weekend and are ready to get to work when you come back to class. We have a really busy week! Firstly, I want to congratulate our top spellers, Sophie Jardine and Griffin Doucet, who did a fabulous job at the District Spelling Bee, knocking out all of their competitors and got to the grade five spelling list! Great job, guys! I am so very proud of you both. I am also very proud of everyone in this class. You have shown me time and again just how smart you are and what great workers you are. You have finished the grade 2 spelling program and finished the Canadian Grade 2/3 program. Now we will begin the grade 3/4 program and guess what? I ;looked at all the units in the book and they look really easy to me. I think you guys will rock this program too. We will begin with lesson 1 this week. So, here is our homework for this week. Spelling - Study one column of words each evening and the test will be on Friday. Complete Ex A and B before Friday. Handwriting - Complete one sheet each evening. Take your time and do your best writing. Handwriting is difficult at first and it will take you some time to get the hang of it. We will begin the sheets in class. Reading - Read for 15 minutes each evening. You should be reading from your levelled book or novel you were given in class. Math - Complete the math sheets by Friday. If you do them ahead of time, hand them in to Mrs. Page. Important Clue: I have sailed the ocean blue,                          And I have saved a booty to share with you.                          But first you must guess my name                           And learn about my terrible game.                         You see, I am mean and hate to share,                          And I've hidden a treasure most rare.                         Aye, it's sure to rot your pretty teeth,                         And mom won't like it, not a bit.                         Harty mates, are ya ready for some fun?                         Looks like my game has just begun.                         Look all around your class my friends,                         X marks the spot!

Posted: March 20, 2011

Spelling - Study words for unit 17. Test will be on Friday.                Complete ex. A, B, C for Friday. Writing Assignment - Spring is Here! (Due Friday) Monday - Introduction Tuesday- What are the signs that spring is here? Wednesday - What do you like to do in Spring? Thursday- Conclusion Math - Complete work sheets by Friday (One per night) Read - Levelled book each night. Make sure you switch your book each morning. Please watch the website each day for special postings!

Posted: February 28, 2011

We will not be having spelling this week. Children are asked to continue reading from their levelled books each evening. We are completing stories started last week so your child may be bringing home a story to work on. We hope everyone is looking forward to the March Break and that you have a relaxing break.

Posted: February 28, 2011

We will not be having spelling this week. Children are asked to continue reading from their levelled books each evening. We are completing stories started last week so your child may be bringing home a story to work on. We hope everyone is looking forward to the March Break and that you have a relaxing break.

Posted: February 20, 2011

Spelling - Lesson 16, Ex A,B,C to be completed by Friday. Test on Friday Writing - Writing a first person narrative. Will be started on Tuesday and completed on Friday. Children may work on it at home. Math - Complete work sheets by Friday. Reading - Read for 10 minutes every night.

Posted: February 14, 2011

Spelling: Lesson 15 - Ex A,B,C and test on Friday Writing: Writer's Workshop story. Students may take stories home to work on them, however there is no due date for them. We will work on each part of the writing process in class during the week. These stories may not get finished until next week, depending on time spent on them in class. If your child says that (s)he does not have writing homework, they are probably correct. A due date will be assigned later, when everyone has completed their draft copies. Math: Complete all four review sheets by Friday. Reading: Read from Guided reading books sent home each evening. A class novel will be introduced on Thursday and your child will take that home periodically. A reminder that all book order forms must be turned in on Friday. The order will be sent out on Monday. We hope to see you on our Family Night on Wednesday. We are also hopeful that one of our parents will win the Super Mom or Super Dad competition. See you then!

Posted: February 6, 2011

Spelling - Unit 14. Test will be on Friday. Complete Ex. A on Monday, B on Tuesday, C on Wednesday. Handwriting - Monday "L", Tuesday "B", Wed "K", Thursday "M" Math - Complete one worksheet each night. Reading - A levelled book each night and you may read from one of your other books as well. Pizza Party! - As part of our Christmas Around the World celebration, the winner of our Fete de Roi day won a pizza party. We will try to have it on Tuesday, if there isn't a snow day. It would be a good idea to send extra snacks with your child that day, incase two pieces of pizza is not enough. Should Tuesday be a storm day, we will have the pizza party on Wed. Special Note: The children have completed their animal projects and we are extremely proud of their hard work. The projects are wonderful! They are posted in the lobby so that everyone may see them. I encourage you to pop by and see them. The children still need to present their projects to the class and this will be done over the next week. Have a great week, everyone!
We have spent most of the day working on our Animal projects and did not have the time to do Haiku poems in class. For that reason, we will not assign the Haiku as homework for tonight. Do Not Do  the Haiku Poem!